Goals and Objectives

A.C.T.I.O.N. Foundation has the following goals and objectives:

Goal 1: To facilitate the integration of immigrants of Haitian background into the larger American community.


- Encourage the Haitian community to participate in events organized by other communities. Invite the community at large to participate in activities set up by Haitians.

Goal 2: To promote the cultural identity of Haitian immigrants and thus improve their image in the American community.


- Organize a month-long program to celebrate different aspects of the Haitian/Creole culture.
- Expose to the public the literature of Haiti and of the Creole world.
- Organize art exhibits to showcase Haitian and Creole artists.

Goal 3: To provide Haitian youth with opportunities to develop positive self-esteem and a sense of community values.


- Use art and culture in our after-school workshops to boost self-esteem and academic performance
- Provide venues to exhibit their creations and their knowledge.

Goal 4: To provide disadvantaged youth with the opportunities to develop their creative talents through the arts.


· Organize after school programs, which offer workshops in painting, sculpture, dance and music.
· Provide opportunities to participate in literary/art competitions.
· Provide venues to exhibit their creations or their knowledge.

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